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TRASIAN Manufacturing™ is a contract manufacturing & prototyping company located in the United States, France and China. We offer manufacturing services to assist you from product development to completion of your manufacturing project in China and Taiwan. Our FREE initial consultation gives you access to our manufacturing experts who will answer any questions related to product manufacturing, ranging from 3D CAD design and prototype manufacturing to selecting the best suited manufacturers for any product category. We are versed in all major manufacturing processes, including all types of consumer products, electronics, heavy industrial, construction material, furniture, toys, and textiles. Our emphasis is on invention manufacturing; we are ideally suited for inventors and innovators on KICKSTARTER and SHARK TANK, for example.

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Manufacturing Companies

Gain access to our vast Chinese and Taiwanese manufacturing network and expertise, which cannot be found online


Ideal for Shark Tank Inventors

We offer cost efficient invention manufacturing, prototyping, and contract manufacturing in China and Taiwan


Ideal for KickStarter Inventions

Kickstart your invention by letting us guide you to the best manufacturing companies & prototype manufacturers in China